What is Digital Marketing? #OBSHacks 102

Marketing is knowledge of people's buying patterns, product positioning and channels to promote and sell products. On this episode, I clearly explain the concept of digital marketing and how it applies to the new online platforms that exist to market your products on the internet.


ADEWALE: The term digital marketing seems to confuse a lot of people who are not digital marketers. And I will try to give a simple explanation without talking jargon. Welcome to Online Business startup Hacks or OBS Hacks for short. My name is Adewale Adejumo. I'm an online entrepreneur, an ecommerce speaker and a digital growth consultant.

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ADEWALE: So what exactly is digital marketing? If I remove the word “digital” then the question “would be what is marketing?” Well marketing is knowledge of people, buying patterns, product positioning, and channels to promote and sell products. Now the question is “where to do marketing?” So before they did to age public places where huge number of people visit daily were i deal for marketing products by displaying ad banners and billboards - and examples are bus stops, markets, shopping malls, schools, college highways etc.

And in the digital age that we live in today. People gather on sites and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. So you can show your hands on social media sites with much less price and also receive direct response from the user in the same time. So:

· The blog and news Web sites replace traditional magazines and newspapers

· Yellow Pages is replaced by local listings sites.

· Television is replaced by YouTube

· And all the traditional marketing channels are being replaced by digital platforms

So digital marketing itself is not a new thing. It's a better version of old marketing systems and it provides an opportunity of marketing with lesser costs and a broader reach. So I hope this episode has been helpful to you to better understand what the marketing is.

So for more information at best that will help you gain better understanding to help you navigate through the digital space and increase your sales, subscribe to our channel and follow me on Twitter @waleadejumo.

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