How to Keep Your New Years Resolution

1. Keep it simple. Focus on things that will improve your happiness, health and fulfilment. E.g giving up smoking. Set realistic goals, don’t aim too high. Then plan to achieve this goal. Set milestones and mini-milestones.

2. Make a habit. If you want to be good at anything, make a habit of it. Create Morning rituals and evening rituals and remain consistent for over 30 days. If you take a day off your ritual, chances are that you will fail so don’t stop. Making a ritual and sticking to it comes with discipline.

3. Replace bad habit. Most bad habits are caused by two things. Stress and boredom. Whatever bad habit you have right now are there for a reason. The best way to replace your bad habit is by replacing it. If you cut out bad habits without replacing them, you will find yourself simply slipping back into the bad habits.

4. Don't share your resolution with everyone. Keep it to your damn self. Telling people about your resolution before you actually go out and do it fills you with a sense of relief and tricks your brain into thinking it has already been done and you will not feel motivated to actually get it done! Or you might alternatively be judged when you don’t do it. If you need to share your resolutions, share it with a mentor or an accountability partner.

5. Don’t make excuses. Persist and resist. Stop making rationalizations that prevent you from taking actions as a means of neglecting your responsibilities. Don’t victimize yourself. Think of your resolution as a rent agreement, if you don’t pay, you get kicked out.

6. Don’t seek validation. People will have different perspectives. Don’t listen or entertain naysayers. You do not need to seek validations that the idiots that keep trying to get you to break your resolution. Example. The people who tell you to “common, just have one drink”. Surround yourself with other positive people.

7. Reward yourself. Remember the milestones? After each milestone, reward yourself but your reward should not hinder your progress. Example: Binging on food is not a reward if your resolution is to lose weight.

8. Review your day. Examine your actions consistently and be grateful for your progress, connections you made, and scrutinize things you may have gotten wrong so that you can improve.

9. Never give up. A bad day doesn't have to be a bad week and a bad week doesn't have to be a bad year.

10. Focus on growth. Always be evolving. Read, study, look for better ways to do everything to improve you as a person.