How Starting a Business is like having a Child.

Starting a business is like having a child.

Conceiving Phase

You can’t give birth to an adult, you have to conceive it first, then give birth to an infant, then you have to feed it, change its diapers and worry if you’re doing everything right or not.

Infancy Phase

Many businesses have its infancy where it seems like nothing is really happening and you’re seeing no traction, that’s why so many entrepreneurs give up in the early days.


oddling Phase

They think that because they are not seeing any success, they must not be doing the right thing but If you can get through the infancy stage, your business will start toddling. It may not be able to stand up on its own but you start to see the potential of what’s to come. It’ll start gaining some independence but it’ll get some bumps and bruises along the way.

Youth Phase

Then comes the youth phase and this is the really cool part of the business. Things will be happening and people are taking notice and you’ll have something you’re proud of because it’s healthy and developing and it’s a joy to watch it grow.

Teenager Phase

Then come the teenage years. Every teenager wants to go to every party in town. This is a dangerous time for the business. Listening to the wrong people and rolling with the wrong crowd can have lasting consequences for the business.

Adult Phase

You need guidance, mentors and rules to survive. If you can survive the teenage years, you will realize that you have raised a mature self-reliant adult that will become more than you can ever imagine.

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