How do you know what will sell online in South Africa

On this episode, I divulge three hacks to that explain how you can know what will sell in your South African online store as this is one of the questions people ask me he most. My list of hacks would be the following:

  • - Find out what is already selling online (Bidorbuy or Takealot). For example, Google “Bidorbuy What’s Hot” - then filter out the best-selling items from the items you find

  • - Check Popular Searches on the big online shopping websites. These usually give you a general overview of what people want and what people are buying

  • - Find out what items are trending on Facebook. A lot of online sellers are making videos daily. Go to Facebook and search keyword terms like Buy Now, Free World Wide Shipping, Get Yours Now… on the search results, go to videos and you will find the top trending videos by sellers that will indicate to you which items are currently in the most demand


ADEWALE: Hey OBSHackers, so today I’m going to be answering one of my favorite questions, and it is one of the questions that I asked myself when I started to sell online back in 2011 December, which is: How do you know what will sell online and it is a question that a lot of people are still asking today. I get asked this question in our Facebook group called Dropshipping for South African Entrepreneurs – How do you know what will sell online? For you to know what will sell online, it requires a little bit of research on your side and if you don’t know where to start, it’s actually quite easy and I’m going to tell you in this podcast.

So the first thing you need to do to know what sells online is to find out what is already selling online. And the best places to find out what is selling online is to go onto some of the biggest websites that we have in South Africa which is normally BidorBuy and Takealot. So, Google “BidorBuy What’s Hot” and it’s going to take you to the BidorBuy What’s Hot page and on that page are the items that are best-selling and are hot right now on BidorBuy. And what you can do is (that) you can actually filter those What’s Hot items by filtering out the best-selling of the hot items – to find the hottest items, okay.

The second way on BidorBuy is to go on BidorBuy and check what are the popular searches – what are people searching for the most on BidorBuy – by going to Popular Searches. This will show you what people are looking for online to buy and that gives a general overview of what you can sell online. In the popular searches on BidorBuy for example, the keywords that people are typing – the bigger it is – that generally means that more people are searching for that particular keyword, okay. If you go to the website you will see exactly what I am talking about:

- Go onto BidorBuy,

- Go onto the What’s Hot

- Check the Popular Searches

- And you will easily see what people are buying online and you will see what people are looking for, to buy online, okay.

And that gives you a good indication of what you should be selling online. I don’t always go to Takealot but on Takealot it is not that easy. On Takealot, click onto the – so for example, you go into Toys then you click on Lego (whilst you’re in the Toys). When you are in the Lego’s department, the items there are usually filtered from Best-Selling too (inaudible). Now for me, Takealot wouldn’t be my first choice … I would do most of my research on BidorBuy, okay.

But another way that you can actually find out which products are trending is by going onto Facebook, okay. The reason why Facebook is a very very good place for you to find products that are doing really really well online is because a lot of people that start their own online stores create videos and advertise those videos on Facebook. So if you go to Facebook and you type: Buy Now or 50 off or (inaudible) or Claim Yours Now or Free Worldwide Shipping, Get Yours Now, Grab Yours Now – if you type and search for anyone of those keywords and then in the filter on the left hand side or at the top, send it too Videos in 2019. That will show you the videos that have gotten the highest amount of views from people advertising items they are selling on their websites on Facebook. That will give you a very, very good indication of which products you should be selling online and which products are trending in 2019.

Okay, so those are my three hacks for you to find out which products you should be selling online and if I’ve missed anything and you guys know of several other hacks, please do not be scared to leave a comment below, telling us which other methods and ways that people can actually find out what products to sell in 2019.

And if you like this podcast, please share it to your friends, share it to anyone that you feel will benefit this hack about which products to sell online, thank you.

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